Selasa, 30 Juni 2015

Buy iPhone 6 Plus in Lazada, Possible Even Bath Soap

Shopping online at a trusted store online and have the big names turned out to be no guarantee of security in shopping. This overrides a consumer named Lazada Danis who had a Twitter account @danisdarusman. His story, he ordered an iPhone 6 Plus in Lazada. But it turns out the stuff up in her house is a SOAP bath.

Danis through any Twitternya account had found suspicious at the time when the package arrives. He admitted if receipt of the package feels lightly. "Lightly & 100% not the iphone contents. I have to gimana min? ", wrote the Danis and download official Twitter accounts mention shop online Lazada. In the tweet, Danis pun pin photo package in question and bearing the logo of the Lazada.

Unfortunately, the tweet is not Danis complaints Lazada responded. Finally, he decided to open the package. Alas, it turns out that gets only SOAP. Of a sudden he was pissed off and reveal Shannan while me – mention Lazada on Twitter.

As a more complete evidence, he was recording a video unboxing the package activity is uploaded to an account of his Path. After a lively enough on Twitter, Danis finally contacted directly by PR Manager Lazada Indonesia Tania Amalia and ask for the email address Danis. Tania pun said that it will conduct further action related complaints Danis.